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Expanding access to communications services that promote equal opportunity and democratic participation

Economic Security

Just like electricity and telephone service before it, access to communications and technology in the 21st century has moved from being a luxury to a necessity.

The availability of these services are determined by our nation’s media, telecommunications, and technology policies — policies that must promote equity in a free, plural, and democratic society. When these policies fail, equal opportunity and democratic participation are compromised.

The Education Fund works to ensure that new technologies further civil rights protections and expand media diversity and access to broadband. Technological progress should bring greater safety, economic opportunity, and convenience to everyone. At the same time, as new technologies allow companies and government to gain greater insight into our lives, it is vitally important that technologies be designed and used in ways that respect the values of fairness and equal justice.

Key Projects

Big Data
Pretrial Risk Assessments
Access to Broadband

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